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What do you do when white supremacists show up at your pro-life rally?

This past Sunday, as the big rally before the March for Life Chicago was getting underway in Federal Plaza, a…

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Pro-Life Action League To Offer Training on How to Investigate Your Local Abortion Clinic

Abortion proponents would have us believe that abortion is health care, and that because it’s legal, it is therefore safe….

Our Opposition

Unsafe Texas Abortion Clinic Blames Health Inspectors for Being There

Every once in a while the Pro-Life Action League comes across an abortion clinic inspection report in which the clinic…

Our Opposition

Sympathy for the Victims

Whenever we go out on the streets for a “Face the Truth” Tour, we can always count on someone happening…

Face the Truth

Planned Parenthood and the Pathetically Low Bar of “Safer Sex”

Earlier this week Planned Parenthood posted a question on Twitter: “What are the chances of getting an STD if you…


This Is Why Statistics on Abortion Complications Are Hopelessly Unreliable

Recently I came across the report of an inspection of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Warminster, Pennsylvania carried out…


Rollback of HHS Mandate a Victory for the First Amendment

In 2012, hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers and people of faith took to the streets in a series of rallies…

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Pro-lifers mark 10th anniversary of Planned Parenthood’s first mega-center

On Sunday, October 1, over 80 pro-lifers gathered in the vacant lot across the street from Planned Parenthood’s Aurora, Illinois…

Planned Parenthood

What Can We Do In Response to Rauner’s Betrayal on HB40? Here Are Three Ideas

By now you’ve heard that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner broke his promise and signed HB40 into law yesterday. That means…

Clinic Witness

Lewis Hine and the Undeniable Power of Showing the Victims

“Perhaps you are weary of child labor pictures. Well, so are the rest of us. But we propose to make…


Illinois Pro-Lifers: Call Governor Rauner and Urge Him to Veto HB40

This morning news broke that HB40, the bill that would force Illinois taxpayers to pay for abortions, has been sent…

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All-Night Prayer Vigil Oct. 1-2 outside Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois

Ten years ago today, Planned Parenthood was scheduled to open their doors in Aurora, Illinois. But it didn’t happen. Why…