Chilling 911 call prompts pro-life activist’s Open Letter to Personal PAC

Recently, the Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler acquired disturbing audio of a 911 call from Access Health Center, an abortion clinic in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Scheidler was so troubled by the contents of this 911 recording that he drafted an open letter to Sarah Garza Resnick, CEO of Personal PAC, a lobbying group that is responsible for pushing Illinois to have some of the most extreme abortion policies in the United States.

You will find the open letter in the press release below, along with details about a protest that the Pro-Life Action League is holding October 17th of Personal PAC’s annual fundraiser at the Chicago Hilton on Tuesday, October 17th:


Pro-Life Leader Issues Open Letter to Personal PAC
14-Year-Old Injured in Botched Abortion, Pro-Life Protest Oct. 17

Contact: Eric Scheidler, ejs@prolifeaction.org

CHICAGO, OCT. 16, 2023 — Eric J. Scheidler, executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, has issued an open letter to Sarah Garza Resnick, CEO of Personal PAC, an Illinois pro-abortion lobbying group. Scheidler’s letter comes in response to disturbing audio of a 911 call from an abortion facility in the Chicago suburbs, which Scheidler’s office acquired through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Here is Scheidler’s open letter to Resnick:

October 16, 2023

Dear Ms. Garza Resnick,

Recently, my office came into possession of the audio of a 911 call from Access Health Center in Downers Grove, an abortion facility. You can hear the call for yourself here.

In the call placed on August 8, an ambulance is requested for a 14-year-old girl whose uterus has been perforated during an abortion procedure. Thanks to Personal PAC’s successful effort in 2021 to repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act, it’s possible this girl’s parents have no idea that she was getting an abortion that day, or even that she was transferred to a hospital. If she suffers further complications, her parents’ ability to provide care for her may be seriously undermined by having been kept in the dark about the abortion, thanks to the policies Personal PAC has promoted here in Illinois.

There’s also every possibility that the girl was trafficked to Illinois from a neighboring state by an abusive adult. Thanks to the repeal of Parental Notice, sexual predators know they can cover their tracks here in Illinois.

Moreover, it may be very difficult for this girl and her family to seek restitution if she suffers lasting harm due to any medical malpractice by the Access abortionist, thanks to legislation pushed by Personal PAC that shields abortion providers from civil action.

You have also managed to eliminate nearly all inspection of abortion facilities, through the Reproductive Health Act of 2019. If the medical emergency on August 8 was caused by unsafe conditions at Access, the people of Illinois will never know, and the Illinois Department of Public Health will not be able to intervene. Shockingly, the last time comprehensive inspections were done at Illinois abortion facilities — back in the 2010s — four were forced to close their doors. Now most abortion clinic inspections have ceased forever — thanks to Personal PAC.

On that 911 call, the Access representative refuses to give her name. She refuses to take any personal responsibility for the tragedy unfolding, right at that moment, in the life of this unfortunate teenager.

Will you take responsibility, Sarah?

If so, please come and talk to me tomorrow morning, when my organization will be demonstrating outside your fundraiser at the Hilton Chicago. If you really care about the welfare of women and girls in Illinois — including this 14-year-old victim of a botched abortion — then come out and explain to the people of Illinois what you’re going to do to restore the rights of Illinois parents and hold abortion providers accountable.

I’ll be waiting.


Eric J. Scheidler
Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

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