Help Defeat Pro-Abortion “Issue 1” Ballot Measure in Ohio!

Ohio is currently ground zero in the abortion fight in the U.S. over Issue 1, the ballot initiative on abortion that’s up for a vote in the November 7 election.

If adopted, Issue 1 would undo all pro-life laws in Ohio, allowing underage girls to get abortions without their parents’ knowledge, removing informed consent for women who obtain abortions, and more.

A Nationwide Effort

The urgency of our pro-life battle in Ohio cannot be overstated! Ohio is one of our most pro-life states, with a whole suite of pro-life laws that have saved tens of thousands of lives — and a six week abortion ban that is still tied up on court and will never be enforced if Issue 1 passes on November 7.

If we can lose in Ohio, we can lose anywhere. But if we defeat this measure in Ohio, that would turn back the tide of losing ballot initiatives that has demoralized the pro-life movement and emboldened our enemies. A victory in Ohio would be a victory of national significance!

That’s why we need all hands on deck right now — both those who live in Ohio and those who live outside Ohio. Either way, See the resources below and get involved today!

4 Ways to help if you live in Ohio . . .

There are several key ways Ohioans can persuade their fellow citizens that Issue 1 would be terrible for their state.

1. Door Knocking and Phone Banking with Created Equal

Our very good friends at Created Equal are managing the ground game in Ohio, including recruiting volunteers to go door to door talking to Ohio residents, and manning phone banks to call Ohio voters. Phone bank volunteers can also be in states outside of Ohio.

Sign up to volunteer with Created Equal here.

2. Door Knocking Paid Positions with SBA Pro-Life America

SBA Pro-Life America is a leading national pro-life political organization, and they have paid job opportunities knocking on doors in Ohio. To get involved, contact the following SBA reps:

Cleveland/Toledo: Peter Lyons, peter@sbalistfield.org, 216-325-8245
Cincinnati/Dayton: Katie Froman, katie@sbalistfield.org, 847-922-5913
Columbus: Kimberly Wasson, kwasson@sbalistfield.org, 614-975-7119

You can also see and share this flyer [PDF], which has all that contact info and more details.

3. Join the Ohio March for Life on October 6

Pro-life Ohioans and even those in surrounding states join the Ohio March for Life on October 6 in Columbus! A great showing at the March will have a huge impact on public perception of Issue 1.

NOTE: The Ohio March for Life had a great turnout! Check out the media coverage of the event here.

4. Vote Early!

Pro-life legislative experts have emphasized that early voting will be essential to stop Issue 1. Please vote early and emphasize this when discussing Ohio Issue 1 with your friends, family, and other contacts.

4 ways to help if you live outside Ohio . . .

Even if you don’t live in Ohio, you can still be part of the fight! Use the power of social media, traditional media, and phone banking to make an impact — or make a special trip to Ohio to help out!

1. Phone Banking with Created Equal

Our friends at Created Equal are organizing phone banking which is open to anyone across the country!

Sign up to phone bank with Created Equal here and persuade Ohio to vote for life.

2. Share Social Media Posts about Issue 1

Pro-life groups in Ohio are spreading the word about Issue 1 on their social media platforms. You can help by visiting these groups’ pages and sharing their Issue 1 content:

3. Share Articles and Videos about Issue 1

Many people don’t know what Issue 1 is really all about. Abortion proponents are bombarding the airwaves with ads and stories trying to hide the truth about what Issue 1 would do to common-sense abortion laws in Ohio.

Share the articles and videos below with your friends, family, or co-workers—especially Ohioans—who need to know the truth:

4. Travel to Ohio to Help Out

A final way for non-Ohioans to help the fight is to travel in person to Ohio and join the grassroots campaign. Reach out to our friends at Created Equal to learn how and when they could use your help on the ground with all their outreach efforts.

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