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This Is Why Abortion Clinic Inspections Are Necessary

After the macabre findings from notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia charnel house were made public in 2011, lawmakers in Pennsylvania…


Get Joe Scheidler’s New Memoir, “Racketeer for Life”

My father’s new memoir, Racketeer for Life, has just been published in time for the 44th anniversary of Roe v….

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Over 60 Cities Observe “Peace in the Womb” Pro-Life Caroling Day Nationwide

This month in more than 60 cities throughout the United States, faithful carolers answered the Pro-Life Action League’s call to…

Clinic Witness

To Be Pro-Life Activists, We Must First Be Humble

Since we first published our Life Witness Prayer Book in 2010, we’ve distributed thousands of copies to pro-lifers nationwide, and…

Clinic Witness

The Sidewalk: Where the Pro-Life Movement Belongs

The following is a guest post by Edmund Miller, a veteran sidewalk counselor who heads the Guadalupe Workers sidewalk counseling…

Clinic Witness

What Does Blessed Miguel Pro Have in Common with Victims of Abortion?

Whenever we go out on the streets for a “Face the Truth” Tour, we can always count on someone happening…

Face the Truth

Join Us As We Protest Chicago’s Newest Abortion Clinic

Last year, after inspections from the Illinois Department of Public Health revealed deplorable conditions, the Albany Medical-Surgical Center abortion clinic…

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“Pregnancy Termination” Is Not Abortion, and “Gentle Suction” Is Not Gentle

Some time in the next few weeks, my wife is planning to have her pregnancy terminated. Now, lest anyone be…


Pro-Lifers Confront Planned Parenthood with Prayer on Its 100th Anniversary

Candlelight vigil outside Planned Parenthood in Bakersfield, CA [Photo courtesy of Marina Audelo] A recent article at Bustle — a…

Planned Parenthood

“She’s Had a Third Seizure,” Unlicensed Chicago Abortion Clinic Tells 911

Two days after an ambulance showed up at the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion facility in downtown Chicago on October…

Clinic Witness

Confront Planned Parenthood with Prayer on Their 100th Anniversary

Next month, Planned Parenthood turns 100. That’s 100 years of preying on our families, polluting our culture, and, since 1970,…

Planned Parenthood

Thousands Mourn the Victims of Abortion on Largest Ever National Day of Remembrance

On Saturday, September 10, thousands of pro-lifers gathered at over 160 gravesites of aborted babies or other locations throughout the…

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