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Tell PBS Not to Air Late Term Abortion Propaganda Film “After Tiller”

Posted by Eric Scheidler (August 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm)

POV After TillerThis Monday, the PBS program P.O.V. (Point of View) is scheduled to air the film After Tiller, a blatant propaganda piece that glorifies the work of America’s four remaining late-term abortionists.

When the film first came out, we encouraged pro-lifers to see it. The film provides valuable insights into what we’re up against, not only when it comes to late term abortion and its practitioners, but also in how the abortion industry seeks to justify itself to the public.

PBS Needs to Hear from YOU

But we strongly object to PBS giving this creators of this pro-abortion documentary an opportunity to reach a huge television audience with their propaganda, along with the “imprimatur” that a PBS airing will lend it in the minds of many viewers.

Not surprisingly, the film carefully avoids saying or showing anything about how these babies are killed. Only by hiding the victims of these late-term abortionists can the film hope to portray them in any sympathetic light.

Please tell PBS not to air this pro-abortion film. As always, keep your comments respectful, and remember that pro-life buzz words like “butcher” or “abortion mill” won’t get you very far with this audience. Be sure to emphasize the humanity of the victims and the injustice done to them.

You can also leave comments on the P.O.V. show page dedicated to this episode. [Continue reading ...]

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A Tale of Two Very Different Views of Human Sexuality

Posted by John Jansen (August 8, 2014 at 9:00 am)

Pro-abortion counter-protester in downtown Chicago, face obscured at the request of the man pictured

“Safe sex is the best sex!”

So said one of the Illinois Choice Action Team members offering free condoms to those walking past our abortion victim signs in downtown Chicago during our recent “Face the Truth” Tour.

It’s times like these that I’m reminded that “The Abortion Debate,” as it’s so often reduced to in everyday conversation, is about much more than whether or not unborn babies deserve the protection of law.  Walking it backward, we see that at its root, it’s about two very, very different attitudes toward human sexuality.

Safe vs. “Safe”

My boss, Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler, made an interesting observation about the “Safe sex is the best sex!” comment.  “They’re actually right,” he said. “Except they don’t know what safe sex really is.” [Continue reading ...]

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NOW President: Babies Wouldn’t Die So Much If We’d Just Kill Them Before They Died!

Posted by Matt Yonke (May 13, 2014 at 4:38 pm)

Terry O'NeillNational Organization for Women (NOW) president Terry O’Neill published an editorial on the Huffington Post today entitled, “Abortion, Like Contraception, Is Essential Health Care That Saves Lives.”

Let that sink in for a second. A procedure that’s taken over 50 million lives in the U.S. alone since 1973 . . . saves lives.

O’Neill’s “life saving” abortions

How does O’Neill get to the conclusion promised in the title, that “abortion care” saves lives? Easy! She ignores 50% of the people involved in every abortion.

The first place she looks for saved lives from abortion is high infant mortality rates. They’d be so much lower if more of those pesky underprivileged women would just get more abortions. That’s right, her solution to high infant mortality rates is to kill the babies before they get the chance to die! [Continue reading ...]

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Sign the League’s Petition in Support of New Pro-Life Law in Spain

Posted by Eric Scheidler (May 6, 2014 at 4:52 pm)
Pro-life rally in Madrid

Pro-life rally in Madrid, Spain

The Pro-Life Action League has just launched a petition in support of the government and people of Spain as they strive to enact a new pro-life law. This legislation will save hundreds of babies from abortion every single day in Spain.

In 2010, the governing Socialist Party passed a sweeping new law that created abortion on demand throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. Since then, more than 300 babies a day have been aborted in Spain.

Popular opposition to the abortion law was so great that it carried the pro-life People’s Party to a landslide victory in 2011, promising to restore legal protection to unborn children.

International Radicals Oppose Pro-Life Reforms in Spain

Last year, they followed through by proposing a new law that would severely restrict abortion in Spain. Though not perfect, the new law will save thousands of lives every year.

But now Spain is coming under tremendous pressure from outside forces, including the European Union, to drop the new pro-life bill or water it down until it’s meaningless. [Continue reading ...]

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Is the Pro-Life Action League “Targeting” Abortion Advocates?

Posted by Eric Scheidler (March 18, 2014 at 4:59 pm)

Eric Scheidler prays at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IllinoisThis past Friday, the website Religion Dispatches published a story criticizing the Pro-Life Action League’s Lenten prayer and fasting campaign for abortion advocates Robin Marty, Katie Klabusich and Cheryl Chastine. Some of our opponents have characterized this effort as “harassment,” since we named the three and included pictures of them.

Though author Alana Massey makes no secret of her pro-choice position, the piece is fairly even-handed, and I’m grateful for that. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Massey being interviewed for the story, and she’s kind enough to call me “an exceedingly gracious person.”

For my part, I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to contributing to Massey’s writing on the abortion issue in the future. In fact, I would say that our exchange was marked by the same spirit of sincerity that inspired the League’s controversial prayer campaign.

Massey herself doesn’t quite seem to believe that harassment is our real purpose. She seems more inclined to regard it as misguided or even reckless, given the “history of anti-abortion violence” the article chronicles.

Many other advocates of legal abortion think otherwise, calling the campaign a “thinly veiled” call for violence against the women we’re asking people to fast and pray for. I’ll address that accusation below, but first I want to correct a couple of errors in Massey’s article. [Continue reading ...]

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Pray and Fast for Three Abortion Activists This Lent

Posted by Ann Scheidler (March 5, 2014 at 4:13 pm)
Lent 2014 graphic

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Last year the Pro-Life Action League encouraged pro-lifers to give up one meal a week for the conversion of an abortion worker. This year, we’re taking it to the next level.

This Lent, we’re encouraging prayer and fasting for three specific abortion activists—three women deeply entrenched and ideologically committed to abortion.

These women are pro-choice journalist Robin Marty, abortion clinic escort Katie Klabusich and abortionist Cheryl Chastine. We’re asking you to pray every day and offer the sacrifice of one meal a week for them during the season of Lent, which begins today. [Continue reading ...]

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Who Is Planned Parenthood’s Newest Member? You’ll Never Guess

Posted by Joe Scheidler (February 17, 2014 at 9:00 am)

For reasons unbeknownst to me, the other day I received at our home address my official Planned Parenthood Membership Card, along with a letter [PDF] from Cecile Richards saying she can’t thank me enough for what I have done for Planned Parenthood this past year.

What I have done is picket their high-dollar fundraising events, protested their conferring of various leadership awards on turncoat politicians, and exposed a pattern of abhorrent practices at their facilities nationwide. But I’m glad they appreciate these contributions enough to confer membership on me.

The letter from Cecile Richards says nothing is going to stop them from making sure women have access to “safe, legal abortion,” but that my support is absolutely critical in 2014 to help them lead the fight.

She admits they’re having trouble: “Five years ago, very few people thought legal access to abortion was really at risk.” Then she goes on to fret about waiting periods, counseling and ultrasound requirements, admitting privileges, and “unnecessary” building code laws for abortion clinics.

Good. It’s nice to know what bothers the nation’s largest abortion chain, so as Member number 1840624, I’ll do everything in my power to concentrate on doing those things every chance I get.

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After Tiller Highlights the Horror and Moral Confusion of Late-Term Abortion

Posted by Matt Yonke (October 25, 2013 at 4:07 pm)

Several of the Pro-Life Action League staff went to Chicago’s Music Box Theatre last night to catch a showing of the film After Tiller, a documentary that follows the four abortionists—LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Shelley Sella, and Susan Robinson—who continue to perform very late-term abortions in the US after the murder of George Tiller in 2009.

It was especially surreal sitting one row in front of a group of hard-core abortion-supporting feminists. Early in the film there is discussion of recent restrictions on abortion, including bans on abortion after 20 weeks. At the mention of the fact that a 20 week old fetus can feel pain, one lady behind us muttered, “Bulls**t!”

But as the camera later panned across a shot of abortionist Leroy Carhart’s horses as he talked of other horses he lost in a fire supposedly started by anti-abortion activists (though this has never been proven), the ladies behind us gasped in horror.

Horror for dying horses, and “bullsh**t” for babies being torn limb from limb. These conflicting sentiments were just one example of the contradictions and moral blindness that were at the root of After Tiller. [Continue reading ...]

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Talking about Abortion: When to Branch from the Head to the Heart

Posted by John Jansen (October 11, 2013 at 9:10 am)


Our friend Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform wrote an excellent article this week entitled “Ignorant—Or in Denial?”

She writes:

A whole lot of people we speak with aren’t merely defending a pro-abortion worldview in theory; they are defending their very selves, or their loved ones—their pasts, their deadly choices.

The disposition of these who are in denial is fundamentally different from the disposition of the ignorant. When the latter hear a pro-life argument, they are enlightened—a reaction of the head. But when the former hear it, they are agitated—a reaction of the heart. This different reaction necessitates a fundamentally different response.

It is here where the pro-lifer must learn to master the art of branching from the head to the heart.

The key word is “branch.” We should initially meet the person where they’re at, engaging them on an intellectual level if that’s where the conversation began. But when that fails to break through to them, consider asking questions that could draw things from their heart…

Read the whole thing.

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Florida Abortionist Tries to Intimidate Pro-Life Protesters, Steals Their Sign

Posted by John Jansen (October 8, 2013 at 9:00 am)

Abortionist Emil Felski steals a sign placed outside his office that reads, “Repent Dr. Felski!”

Last week we wrote about a recent Ms. Magazine article that unwittingly proves a point we’ve been making for decades: protesting abortionists works.

It works because abortionists don’t like it. And if the protest is held outside their regular private practice office, then they really don’t like it.

As if to prove this point, the very next day a group of pro-life activists had an unusual experience as they protested outside abortionist Emil Felski’s private Ob/Gyn office in Casselberry, Florida. (Felski kills babies in small numbers at his regular office, and he kills them in large numbers at Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando.)

So upset was Felski by the sight of pro-life protesters that he got out of his car, attempted to intimidate them by taking their picture, and stole their sign that said, “Repent Dr. Felski”: [Continue reading ...]

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