Pro-Life Action League To Offer Training on How to Investigate Your Local Abortion Clinic

Abortion proponents would have us believe that abortion is health care, and that because it’s legal, it is therefore safe.

But of course…it isn’t.

For the past several years the Pro-Life Action League has been using publicly available material collected on abortion clinics to bring attention to government officials—and to the general public—the major breaches in medical practice committed by workers in the abortion industry.

If more people knew the sad state of affairs in so many abortion clinics, and the multiple examples proving that “safe and legal” in no way accords with reality, more women would be dissuaded from choosing abortion, and that state and local governments might be convinced that it was in their interest, as protectors of their citizens, to close these dangerous facilities.

We are not alone in this. Other organizations and individuals have also been using open records laws to expose the abortion industry for what it is: an industry of mostly bottom-feeder medical workers with little regard for their patients and much regard for skimming as much profit as possible.

Much of our research method involves reading reports of inspections of clinics done by nurses and by building inspectors. Our research also involves reviewing information related to the licensing of clinics, physicians, and nurses, and the abortion statistics collected by individual states and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Poring over these documents can be tedious, but putting all this information together can be extraordinarily revealing. Add to that information from sidewalk counselors who are “boots on the ground” and a clearer picture of what’s happening at a particular abortion clinic may be seen than even the regulating bodies may be aware of. We then use the information to prove that abortion clinics are indeed not health care providers.

To put it another way, it’s a bit like David using Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head.

Training Will Be Offered at March for Life in Washington, DC

Next week at the March for Life in Washington, DC, the Pro-Life Action League will be hosting an informal event to share this information so that we can teach you what works and what doesn’t. If this sort of research is something you have been doing, or if you are interested in finding out how to get started, we invite you to come to a training session. Here are the details:

  • Date: Thursday, January 18th
  • Time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: Renaissance Hotel, 999 NW 9th Street, Washington, DC (Map)
  • RSVP: training@prolifeaction.org

This training would be of particular benefit to those with a medical background, a background in building codes, a background in government regulations, or a background in bookkeeping.

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