“Spa-like” abortion chain Carafem opening new location in Chicago area

“‘We don’t want to talk in hushed tones. We use the A-word.'”

So said Christopher Purdy, the president of Carafem, in a 2015 Washington Post article about its new “spa-like” abortion clinic in the DC area. The “A-word,” of course, is abortion.

Fast forward to this week, when Carafem announced the opening of its newest location in the northern Chicago suburb of Skokie:

Sure, Carafem is using the “A-word,” but not as it should be used—namely, as a noun—but as an adjective. As often as possible, ironically, the abortion industry’s strategy is to talk not about “abortion,” but rather about “abortion care.”

Announcing the new location in Skokie, the Carafem (which spells its own name with a lowercase “c”) website states:

When researching locations to open a health center, carafem has always found the South and the Midwest to be two areas that greatly lack access to abortion and reproductive healthcare. And from our work in the South, we know many people have to travel long distances to receive care. With that in mind, one of the reasons carafem picked the northern Chicago area location is due to its proximity to Rockford, Illinois. Rockford is the 3rd largest city in Illinois and currently has no abortion provider. In addition to serving the northern Chicago area, we hope to provide another option for those needing help in Southern Wisconsin, another area with few options for abortion care.

Indeed, Rockford has been abortion-free since 2011 thanks to the tireless work of local pro-life activists. But Rockford is 90 minutes from Skokie, and there are three cities with abortion clinics (Aurora, Des Plaines, and Wood Dale) that are all closer to Rockford than Skokie is. And even far southern Wisconsin is closer to Milwaukee (where there are two abortion clinics) than to Skokie.

Whatever its rationale for picking Skokie, the fact is that thanks to the betrayal of Governor Bruce Rauner, Illinois now has taxpayer-funded abortion, so it’s now surprise that another entity has come into the state to ply its trade—and bilk taxpayers in the process.

And despite Carafem’s best efforts to “destigmative” abortion, the reality is that abortion is always an act of violence, full stop.

Illinois’ newest abortion clinic is located not far from the Pro-Life Action League’s headquarters in Chicago, and we’ll be “welcoming” Carafem to the area with a demonstration soon.

Watch this space.

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