How Do You Cut Out a Tongue?

This past weekend I was talking with one of my sons, and we were having one of those conversations that meanders through several topics. Somehow we got to talking about how, in times gone by, some Native Americans prized the tongues of buffaloes and how they would go to a great deal of trouble to cut out the tongues and preserve them, sometimes walking away and letting the rest of the body rot.

Why do I mention this? Oddly, it relates to my work at the Pro-Life Action League.

My duties include researching abortion, abortionists, abortion practice, abortion clinics, abortion regulations—I think you get the picture. My first major research involved reading the Gosnell report [PDF] in 2011. As the daughter of a doctor, I grew up talking about appendectomies and gall bladders over dinner. As a nurse I could talk about bodily fluids while eating. And I can talk about abortion in a fairly detached manner when I need to because I need to find out what’s going on.

But sometimes the horror breaks through.

Lately I’ve been reading the Final Report [PDF] by the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, which investigated the trafficking of fetal body parts by the abortion industry.

On page 221 of the document [PDF] (labeled page 163 in the report), a screen shot from the Stem Express website shows a drop-down menu for researchers to “shop” for baby body parts. The Stem Express tech would receive the order, procure the appropriate body part(s), and then send it/them to the customer.

I was immediately struck when I saw “tongue”. How do you cut out a baby’s tongue? What kind of person does that?

Or, rather: What does it do to the soul of a person who would take an aborted baby, squeeze her cheeks to pry open her mouth, grab the tip of her tongue and pull so that the maximum amount of tongue is procured, and then slice it off?

I suppose there could be other parts procured at the same time, but at some point the Stem Express tech would just walk away, leaving the rest of the baby to be discarded as “medical waste.”

Indeed, sometimes I just have to get up and walk away from my work. Fortunately that day I could go and weep before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

But the question still haunts me: How could you cut out a baby’s tongue?

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