If Stericycle isn’t hauling fetal remains, why do they keep showing up at abortion clinics?

Stericycle truck outside a Grand Rapids abortion facility, June 15 [Photo courtesy of Leisa Snow]

For the last few months, the Pro-Life Action League has been keeping close tabs on Stericycle, the largest medical waste hauler in the country.

Though the company claims that it does not accept human remains [PDF], Stericycle is known to serve Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics across the country, and evidence is mounting—including some photos taken just yesterday—that they may be taking much more than they’re letting on.

The Pro-Life Action League has partnered with our friends at Created Equal in their Project Weak Link to expose Stericycle’s connection to the abortion industry to pressure them to cut ties with Planned Parenthood.

This would leave the nation’s largest abortion chain without a medical waste disposal company—a situation that has crippled abortionists in the past and terrifies them today, as you can see in Created Equal’s video promo for the project:

Campaign Kicks Off with Postcards and Protest

Created Equal and Pro-Life Action League team getting ready to distribute postcards, March 29

League executive director Eric Scheidler and I joined Created Equal distributing postcards in the neighborhood of Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto to expose Stericycle’s connection to abortion, and the company was so enraged that they sued Created Equal in an attempt to get them to halt Project Weak Link!

Stericycle’s initial request for a restraining order on the campaign was promptly rejected by a Circuit Court judge in Lake County, Illinois, but the suit still goes on over allegations of defamation. These claims, too, will surely be rejected since Project Weak Link is merely stating that Stericycle aids the abortion industry. This is true whether they dispose of the bodies of aborted children, or simply haul other waste for abortionists. And there is no doubt that they do.

“Stericycle: Dump Planned Parenthood” flyer in a bathroom at Stericycle shareholders meeting

On May 25, the Pro-Life Action League joined Created Equal in protesting Stericycle’s annual shareholders meeting in Rosemont, Illinois. In addition to a large display outside the hotel, we prepared a flyer exposing Stericycle’s connection with the abortion industry that we taped up in every bathroom in the hotel where the meeting was taking place.

New Evidence of Hauling Aborted Babies’ Remains

We’ve seen Stericycle trucks regularly for years at our local Planned Parenthood mega-center in Aurora, Illinois. In the months since the lawsuit, however, they’ve made efforts to hide their presence. As you can see below, the picture on the left is from March 9, 2016—before Project Weak Link began—and the picture on the right is from June 1, after the campaign began.

The earlier picture shows a nicely printed magnetic sign with Stericycle’s logo prominently displayed. The later picture shows what appears to be a piece of letter size paper with their Department of Transportation ID number and their name in vanishingly small type. Clearly they don’t care to be associated with Planned Parenthood, though not yet badly enough to actually cut ties from the nation’s largest abortion chain.

It is possible that Stericycle is only taking other medical waste and not the remains of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood, and that Planned Parenthood is employing two separate medical waste haulers, but it seems extremely unlikely, especially since we never see other medical waste companies there.

And just yesterday, a group of local pro-life activists documented a Stericycle truck picking up three boxes of medical waste from Heritage Clinic For Women in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Heritage is a clinic that, according to its website, only offers “abortion services”!

What exactly is Stericycle hauling away from that abortion clinic in such large boxes? Are we to believe that even this small, independently run clinic is also employing two separate medical waste haulers? It begins to strain one’s credulity.

Surely any company that would accept aborted babies’ remains would also accept other medical waste. Why would Planned Parenthood and the other abortionists go out of their way to employ Stericycle for hauling some of their medical waste when they’ve already got another company coming to their clinic?

Why would they go to the trouble of obtaining two contracts, paying two invoices, setting two pickup appointments, when they could just go with one company? They wouldn’t, and it sure looks like the one company they’re working with is Stericycle.

How can YOU expose Stericycle?

You can take action to help expose Stericycle’s connection to abortion and help cut the abortionists off from this service that’s so crucial to their business. Here’s how:

  • If you pray or counsel at your local abortion facility (and you should!), keep an eye out for Stericycle trucks. As you’ve seen above, you may need to look closely for indications of their name or logo. If you see them, take pictures and video and email them to us at the Pro-Life Action League.
  • Call Stericycle at 847-607-2004 and tell them you’ve seen their trucks at abortion clinics (you’ve seen them in the photos in this post if nowhere else) and ask them why they’re doing business with abortion facilities. If they tell you they don’t take aborted babies’ remains, tell them they still shouldn’t be aiding abortion facilities in any way, and tell them you’ll be working to expose the connection.
  • Sign the petition calling on Stericycle to cut ties with the abortion industry. Thousands have already signed, but we need your name too.

Let’s work together to break this weak link and leave Planned Parenthood and the other abortionists with no way to dispose of the evidence of their deadly business!

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