Minnesota Abortion Center to Close Next Month

  Regions Hospital in MN, which will close its abortion center Dec. 9 One of the best tools in the…


Canadian Family Covers Up Incestuous Rape with Abortion

Life Site News reports a story from Canada the details of which are far too graphic to post here. Read…


Clinic Workers Dance as Botched Abortion Victim Rushed to Hospital

The disturbing video below from the stalwarts at Pro-Life Wisconsin blew up when it was posted to HotAir.com yesterday. Take…


“Emergency Contraception”: A Failed Strategy

Eric Scheidler’s post earlier this week shone a spotlight on Planned Parenthood’s failure to reduce unintended pregnancy in the U.S.,…


Who’s Keeping an Eye on Abortion Clinics?

  A woman is carried into an ambulance behind a sheet at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois [Photo by Eric…


How Is Planned Parenthood Spending Our Tax Dollars?

When pro-lifers question the fact that millions of our tax dollars are funding Planned Parenthood, the response is always the…


Another Chance to Catch Documentary Lauding Abortionist Tiller

In case you missed it the first time around, MSNBC will be replaying their “documentary” of the death of Dr….


William Wilberforce: His Battle Resonates with Ours

In the pro-life movement we often draw parallels between the practices of slavery and abortion. As I read a biography…


Understanding Our Opposition

Pro-abortion protesters at League-sponsored Face the Truth Day in Chicago, 2009 [Photo by Sam Scheidler] Two undergraduate students at MIT,…


Latest Attempt to Normalize Abortion Doomed to Fail

Writing in a November 4 Salon.com column, Tracy Clark-Flory begins: Women are taking to Twitter with a blunt statement of…


The Inconvenient Truth of Prenatal Science

I’ve often thought that one of the best things that could happen to the pro-life movement is for the “pro-choice”…


New Study: Don’t Abort During Breast Cancer Treatment

A new study reported on last week by the Christian Post confirms what pro-life physicians have been saying for years:…

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