Another Chance to Catch Documentary Lauding Abortionist Tiller


In case you missed it the first time around, MSNBC will be replaying their “documentary” of the death of Dr. George Tiller on Wednesday, November 24. (It’s also available on YouTube in several parts.)

To be honest, I missed the original airing of it and couldn’t understand why they’re showing this documentary now–it’s not an anniversary of anything, why show it in November?

I then found out that Rachel Maddow, documentary’s co-creator and narrator, was pleased the documentary “happened” to be debuting right before the elections, because she wanted pro-life candidates defeated. (It doesn’t seem to have helped her candidates much, does it?)

Any Pro-Life Activity Qualifies as Harassment

According to Maddow, “Harassment, intimidation, and violence shouldn’t be confused with the noble tradition of American protest — they’re crimes, and they should be investigated and prosecuted as such.”

This remains a relevant topic, especially considering the conversation I overheard between a “deathscort” and a young man on the street on Saturday. He asked what they were volunteers for (a common question, given their bright yellow vests), and they explained that they’re they to help women access reproductive services or some other equally vague phrase. She pointed to us and said they we’re there to “harass” the women, and they protect them from us.

I offered to show this man the literature we give the women, which explains the lawsuits against the clinic for injuring and even killing women. He initially said no, but then asked for a copy, which he promptly gave to a deathscort so she could throw it in the trash.

Interestingly, the deathscort invited him to come back some time and apply to be a deathscort himself because they’re “always taking applications.” The necessity of filling out an application gives further evidence to a suspicion a few of us have entertained that these “volunteers” are paid. Why else is Planned Parenthood the only clinic in Chicago that has weekly “volunteers”? Why else would the woman from Planned Parenthood argue at the October 2009 Bubble Zone committee meeting that her volunteers were so stressed out by pro-lifers that they needed to ask for time off to recover? (What volunteer needs to ask for time off?)

But I digress.

Even Peaceful Activities Are Said to Incite Violence

All pro-lifers get the blame for Roeder’s actions in this film:

Doctors and nurses who worked with Tiller recount, on camera, intimidation tactics aimed at anyone associated with the clinic. “We were under siege the whole time,” says Cathy Reavis, a nurse at the clinic. “The anti-abortionists who don’t carry guns definitely incite the ones who do,” said Shelly Sella, one of Tiller’s fellow doctors.

So what does an abortionist hate most? Seeing pro-lifers gathered in prayer outside of his clinic. Our mere presence makes them feel like they are “under siege” (obviously we’re not besieging the clinics, or we’d be arrested for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act).

The pro-abortionists were disappointed in Maddow’s documentary, though. Sella’s quote was apparently not enough to prove that all pro-lifers are violent or will somehow make others violent.

So carry on, faithful Prayer Warriors and Sidewalk Counselors.

Know that this Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of you who are out there helping save babies!

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