Minnesota Abortion Center to Close Next Month

Regions Hospital 

Regions Hospital in MN, which will close its abortion center Dec. 9

One of the best tools in the fight to end abortion in America is making it unavailable.

As we found out when we infiltrated last year’s Medical Students for Choice conference, abortionists are already shaking in their boots because of the dwindling number of doctors performing abortions.

Closing down abortion centers makes it that much harder to obtain an abortion, and a long drive might be the last straw that makes a mother stick it out through a difficult pregnancy instead of going through with an abortion.

Well, we’re happy to report that one of only seven abortion facilities in the state of Minnesota will stop its deadly business early next month!

Brian Gibson of Pro-Life Action Ministries reports:

Regions Hospital, bowing to the pressure brought by prayer and the presence of thousands of Christians, announced today that the abortuary within the hospital will close on December 9, 2011. This comes after seven 40 Days for Life campaigns involving thousands at the hospital, petitions drives, phone calling and emailing campaigns, and millions of dollars in lost business for HealthPartners over its ownership of the hospital and the abortuary.

I cannot express properly the waves of emotions of joy I am experiencing with this victory.

I have little doubt the reason for this announcement on the Friday after Thanksgiving was intended to minimize the publicity of the closing and to pass a “Regions only” spin to the news. But it matter little as to the claims of the hospital, we know how much prayer and labor has gone into convincing hospital officials to close their abortion mill.

This is the first abortion facility to close in Minnesota in more than two decades.

We thank God first and foremost for this great victory. It is the Lord of Life who has moved hearts and changed minds. We also thank all those who prayers ardently, kept vigil or stood in witness at Regions, who signed petitions, sent correspondence, picketed at HealthPartners clinics and annual meetings, and who aided the boycott of HealthPartners medical insurance these past six years.

Thank God for Brian and all the faithful pro-lifers who opposed this clinic till it closed its doors! Let it be an inspiration to us all to get out in front of our local clinics and fight the abortion industry on every front we can. Clinics can close and abortion can end in America, but only if we keep up the fight!

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