How Is Planned Parenthood Spending Our Tax Dollars?

This Roanoke, Virginia, Planned Parenthood worker makes many excellent arguments in favor of cutting Planned Parenthood's tax funding.
This Roanoke, Virginia, Planned Parenthood worker makes many excellent arguments in favor of cutting Planned Parenthood's tax funding.

When pro-lifers question the fact that millions of our tax dollars are funding Planned Parenthood, the response is always the same old line. The topic came up in an interview about the new Live Action videos in an interview by Fox New’s Megyn Kelly of Nancy Skinner, a pro-abortion radio talk-show host:

Megyn (at 4:16) : Planned Parenthood does do some good, for young girls out there. You can take out the abortion situation because that’s just too firey for people to agree on. But they do do some good. …

Nancy (at 4:50): Planned Parenthood gets no money for abortions from the federal government. It is for reproductive health, for other matters. It’s called “Planned Parenthood.” They want to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

My tax dollars are going for “reproductive health” services at Planned Parenthood (America’s largest abortion chain.) But never fear, the pro-aborts tell me, my money funds the other “good” things they do, not the killing of babies.

“What good things,” you may ask?

Other State Agencies–But Not PP–Give Free STD Tests

Like providing free STD screenings?

Nope. According to the worker in the Live Action footage from Falls Church:

Worker (at 9:07): I’m not sure if money is an issue, but we don’t offer free services here.

Worker (at 9:24): If they want the full range of testing it can go up to $200.

Free testing is available, though, and our tax dollars are paying for that too–just not with the tax money Planned Parenthood receives. According to the Live Action footage from Roanoke, Virginia:

Worker (at 4:31): If you think there’s several people, you can go to the Health Department and it doesn’t cost you anything. … They’ll treat you for free.

Pimp: How much does it cost here?

Worker: About $160. It’s kind of expensive here.

At the end the pimp returns to the idea of free testing and treatment:

Pimp (at 9:48): That was really good about going to the government health thing for free. I appreciate–

Worker: Because the thing is, and I’ll just be upfront, the thing is, we have to report it anyway, so they’ll call you. So you might as well let them treat you for free, because they’ll cover everybody. You just give them a list of names [of your sexual partners].

Worker Encourages Dishonest Blood Donations To Cut Costs

A particularly frightening piece of advice in my mind, though, is the Roanoke worker’s recommendation to give blood in order to receive free STD testing:

Worker (at 10:25): I tell a lot of people–I say, if you’re not quite sure, you’re not having any symptoms, but for peace of mind, donate blood. ‘Cause if you go donate blood they have to test for everything anyway. … And a lot of plasma places will test you for free. … So there’s several different ways around it, without spending a whole lot of money.

This, to a man who’s job is exchanging sex for money with his underage prostitutes. Scary thought for anyone receiving a blood transfusion in Virginia: your donor may have lied on multiple questions on the blood donation form (“Have you ever had sex in exchange for money?” “Are you donating blood today to have your blood tested for diseases?”) to avoid paying to have their blood tested.

PP Won’t Treat Your Diseases

So do our tax dollars help treat those who have STDs at least?

Not if you’re a man, it would seem. Recently fired New Jersey Clinic Manager Amy Woodruff tells the pimp:

(at 3:34)”The first thing I want to tell you before you go any further, anything that actually involves us physically looking at something that might be problematic, we can’t help you. We do STD testing (by blood and urine), but sadly none of us are trained to actually, like, look at a man… We’re not medically trained and licensed to do that.

There goes half the population.

PP Overcharges For Birth Control

According to the worker in Roanoke, getting a birth control prescription costs $68 for the initial visit (plus the cost of the pills) and PP doesn’t “require a pap smear or anything. [They] don’t require any of that,” (at 5:55 and 6:44). Depending on your insurance, this may not be the cheapest option for many people, since all you’re getting for your $68 is a chat with the doctor–not even a test to make sure you’re not already infected with something before starting your pills.

Not only that, but again according to the staff member in Roanoke:

Worker (at 6:07): We sell birth control here for $27. But, but we can give you a ‘script, and you–or whoever–take it to a pharmacy, it’s for 9 bucks.

That’s a markup of 300%!

Overcharging for birth control is nothing new to Planned Parenthood, though. In 2008 a lawsuit was filed against Planned Parenthood in California for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the state in a similar scheme.

The call is growing to cut off Planned Parenthood’s tax funding. I hope you can see why!

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