New Study: Don’t Abort During Breast Cancer Treatment

Pink RibbonA new study reported on last week by the Christian Post confirms what pro-life physicians have been saying for years: that there is no valid medical reason for a doctor to recommend abortion to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

In the past, doctors have recommended that pregnant women diagnosed with breast cancer have abortions in order to be able to undergo treatment like chemotherapy immediately, without risking harm to the fetus. Of course, abortion does quite a bit more well-known harm to a fetus than the theorized harm of the mother’s cancer treatment.

And according to the new study, we now know that that harm is insignificant; women can undergo treatment without harm to the unborn child.

Reporter Stephanie Samuel interviewed me for the article, and I’m pleased to say that she quoted me several times in it, especially on the anti-life bias behind the notion that abortion should ever be considered a component of authentic health care.

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