The Sidewalk: Where the Pro-Life Movement Belongs


The following is a guest post by Edmund Miller, a veteran sidewalk counselor who heads the Guadalupe Workers sidewalk counseling…

Clinic Witness

Scheidlers Headline at Fourth Annual National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium


Eric, Ann and Joe Scheidler at the NSCS in Birmingham [Photo by Kelly Manley] Along with my husband Joe and…

Pro-Life Events

Our Time Is Never Wasted When We Stand Outside an Abortion Clinic


Having trained hundreds of sidewalk counselors in our first 34 years as an organization, we at the Pro-Life Action League…

Sidewalk Counseling

League Calls for Prayers on the McCullen v. Coakley Sidewalk Counseling Case


The Pro-Life Action League is calling on all pro-life Christians to pray the Lord’s Prayer each day from January 7…


Clinic Workers Dance as Botched Abortion Victim Rushed to Hospital


The disturbing video below from the stalwarts at Pro-Life Wisconsin blew up when it was posted to HotAir.com yesterday. Take…


Sidewalk Counselor’s Rights Upheld


  Walter Hoye (right) with the League’s Joe and Ann Scheidler at the Hilo, Hawaii Right to Life conference in…

Clinic Witness

Msgr. Philip Reilly Offers Encouragement to Chicago Pro-Lifers


Indomitable pro-life veteran and world renowned sidewalk counselor Monsignor Philip Reilly visited the Chicago area this past weekend for a…


“Neither Do I Condemn You”


In the Catholic liturgical calendar, the Gospel reading for today is the story of the woman caught in adultery (John…

Abortion Aftermath

League Partners with Hospital to Reverse 2-Day Late Term Abortions


  Dr. Anthony Levatino speaks to medical personnel at Resurrection Hospital [Photo by Corrina Gura] One July morning when Pro-Life…


Is There a Breakthrough in the Bubble Zone Fiasco?


Walter Hoye (right) with Ann and Joe Scheidler in Hawaii last year In Oakland, California, Pastor Walter Hoye started praying…

Law and Politics

Authentic Reform at the Chicago CCHD


Tremendous outcry has arisen in the past year after it was learned that the national office of the Catholic Campaign…

League News

Chapter 56: Keep the Abortionist Out of Your Community


In Chapter 56 of Joe Scheidler’s landmark book, CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion, pro-life activists are admonished, “If you…