Vote Pro-Life in 2020!

While there are a host of important issues at play in any election, no issue of more preeminent than the violent killing of thousands of unborn children every day in our nation.

Your pro-life vote matters.

Below, you will find voter guides to help you vote pro-life in 2020, starting with comparisons between the parties and presidential candidates on the abortion issue. This is followed by voter guides for the states, provided by various state-level pro-life groups.

¡Obtenga su guía para votar!

This list of voter guides will be updated throughout the electoral season as they become available. In most cases, the guides are in PDF format for you to download, print, and take to your polling place.

If a printable guide is not available, we link instead to other resources available to help guide your pro-life vote. If you know of a pro-life voter guide not listed here, please let us know.

Did you receive a Vote Pro-Life flyer at church, and are looking for supporting citations or additional copies? Find them here.

Presidential race, party platforms, and national resources

State by state voter guides

In addition to the individual voter guides below, you may also want to check out iVoterGuide, which rates candidates in your district on a liberal-to-conservative scale.

* Endorsements from state organizations are provided for informational purposes. The Pro-Life Action League does not endorse candidates for political office.

Vote Pro-Life flyer citations

Below find citations supporting the information provided in the Pro-Life Action League’s Vote Pro-Life flyer on the pro-abortion agenda of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party:

To print additional copies of the Vote Pro-Life flyer, download in English, Spanish, or both English and Spanish.