Troubles Continue to Mount for Wichita PAC/Abortion Clinic Owner

Our friends at Operation Rescue reported today that they have filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Federal Bureau of Invesigation (FBI), and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI) against the Trust Women Political Action Committee.

The complaint alleges that Trust Women PAC appears to be partially funding the for-profit South Wind Women’s Center, where Cheryl Chastine–whose suburban Chicago office has been the target of regular protests by the Pro-Life Action League in recent months–is employed as a fly-in abortionist. In all, the complaint lists eight (8) classes of violations of federal campaign laws and alleges possible criminal conduct.

Over the past two years, Trust Women PAC has yet to acceptably file a single report with the FEC. And Trust Women’s bookkeeping is such a mess that it has amassed over $4,000 in fines by the FEC.

But of far greater concern is the fact that more than $37,000 has disappeared.  Additionally, there is no accounting for more than $72,000 in contributions made to Trust Women PAC.

Inquiring minds want to know: Where did the money go?

Hence, OR’s call for a full investigation.

Using PAC Contributions to Fund Abortion Clinic: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Trust Women PAC is run by Julie Burkhart, who is also the executive director of South Wind Women’s Center, where Cheryl Chastine does abortions. Burkhart has used funds from her Trust Women PAC to cover expenses incurred by the for-profit South Wind, including the latter’s web hosting and internet marketing. But there is no record that South Wind has reimbursed Trust Women for any of this money.

As Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman commented:

It looks like Burkhart might be “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” If her abortion business was profitable, surely she would not have to dip into PAC funds to pay for abortion clinic business expenditures. This is an indication that South Wind Women’s Center is on the ropes financially with the blame falling on Burkhart’s mismanagement.

Indeed, this is the latest sign that the wheels are falling off South Wind–and fast.  Earlier this month, in response to complaints from pro-lifers, Clear Channel pulled South Wind’s radio ads after only one day on the air.

As for Cheryl Chastine, their fly-in abortionist: Since April, her family practice office at the Total Wellness Center in Oak Park, Illinois has been the target of regular protests by the Pro-Life Action League. But when Total Wellness moved to its new location a few weeks ago, Chastine didn’t go with them. Without a doubt, Total Wellness realized that employing an abortionist was a liability they could not afford, meaning that our protests accomplished their goal.

Another strike against South Wind: the facility is delinquent nearly $3,000 in property taxes.

Clearly, South Wind is a sinking ship.  One has to wonder how long it will be until it’s adorned by a “CLOSED” sign.

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