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Why don’t you stop trying to impose your religion on others?

A person does not have to be religious to be pro-life, and many non-religious people believe that abortion is wrong and should not be legal.

Science shows us that the unborn child is a genetically unique and separate human being from its mother, even while dependent on the mother for survival. Justice demands that the life of every human being be protected by law. And on a practical level, research shows us that abortion hurts women and puts them at greater risk of numerous physical and psychological harms.

These substantial reasons for opposing abortion are completely independent from religion. That said, religious faith does play an important role in inspiring people to take an active part in confronting the injustice of abortion. In other words, pro-lifers who are religious do not oppose abortion simply because their religion tells them to; rather, recognizing that abortion is wrong, their faith compels them to do something to right that wrong.

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