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Why does this guide use the term “pro-choice”?

The purpose of this guide is to enable you to engage in meaningful dialog about abortion with anyone, including those who are strong advocates of legal abortion. For that reason, the handbook uses terminology that will not derail the conversation before it can even get started — like calling those who support legal abortion “pro-choice.”

Many pro-lifers refuse to use the term “pro-choice,” saying it’s nothing more than a euphemism for “pro-abortion.” This may be true, but it’s really beside the point. Calling someone who thinks abortion should be legal “pro-abortion” will only get you sidetracked into a long debate about labels.

The information and arguments in this guide lose none of their force if you indulge those who support legal abortion in their desire to be called “pro-choice.” They may even return the favor and agree to call you “pro-life” — without getting into a lengthy debate about war, the death penalty, or gun control.

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