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National Pro-Life Bridges Day 2018

On Friday, June 22nd, small teams of pro-life activists will take up stations on highway overpasses in 50 cities throughout the United States to display pro-life banners during rush hour for the Pro-Life Action League’s first-ever National Pro-Life Bridges Day.

Volunteers will reach highway commuters in both directions of traffic with the message “Abortion takes a human life”, with the goal of encouraging people to think and talk about the abortion issue.

Police throughout the nation are expected to cooperate with this bold exercise of the First Amendment, which has been firmly upheld by the federal courts.

The Pro-Life Action League is working with 50 local leaders to select suitable bridges for this project. Locations will be posted here when the final bridges have been selected.

You can find more information here on what is involved in coordinating this national outreach on highway overpasses.

If you would like to support this bold pro-life initiative, please consider a special gift to help sponsor a bridge on National Pro-Life Bridges Day.

Locations in 50 cities across the nation

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