Join the Respect Life Sunday Voter Education Project

On October 4, Respect Life Sunday, the Pro-Life Action League is encouraging pro-life Christians to educate their fellow parishioners on the importance of voting pro-life by handing out flyers on public property outside their church after services.

The League has prepared a literature piece that highlights the extreme pro-abortion agenda of Democratic Party and their 2020 presidential ticket, reminds Christians what the Church teaches about the injustice of abortion, and invites them to get a pro-life voter guide before they vote. A link on the flyer takes voters to a state-by-state list of pro-life voter guides.

How to take part in the project

Step 1: Fill out and submit the form below to join the project. You will receive a confirmation email within minutes with a link to download the flyer.

Step 2: Download the Vote Pro-Life flyer provided in the confirmation email, and print it out on a color printer. You may wish to have your flyers printed by a print shop like FedEx Office or Office Depot if you plan to pass out a large quantity or do not have a color printer.

Step 3: Find a place on the public property outside your church where you can distribute the flyers, such as a public sidewalk outside the main entrance or the parkway adjacent to the parking lot exit. See Learn to distinguish public property from private property for more information.

Step 4: Get out on Sunday and pass out your flyers. Many local organizers are distributing flyers on October 4 (Respect Life Sunday), but any Sunday before the election is an opportunity. You may wish to assemble a team of volunteers if your church has multiple entrances, or several different service times.

Is it legal to pass out voter information outside church?

Yes, it is legal to pass out any information on public property, including this Vote Pro-Life voter education flyer.

Nevertheless, you may encounter opposition from fellow church members, or even your pastor, citing “separation of church and state.”  In such a case, you should respectfully inform them that because you are on public property, you have a right to pass out your flyers.

Included with your confirmation email will be a link to a “Dear Pastor” letter from the Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm that specializes in defending the civil rights of pro-life activists, which you can show to your pastor if he objects to the project.

You may wish to provide your pastor with this letter in advance, if you think they may have concerns. But take care not to sound as if you’re asking permission; you do not need permission to exercise your constitutional rights in the public square‐which includes the sidewalks and parkways outside your church.

Join the project!

After you submit the form below, check your inbox for a confirmation email with a link to the Vote Pro-Life flyer and the “Dear Pastor” letter.

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