Honor the victims of abortion at their gravesites

In September of 2013, the Pro-Life Action League held the first “National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children” at gravesites of aborted babies and memorial markers in their memory across the country.

The League began this annual service to teach our culture how to grieve for our national sin of abortion, and to humanize the unborn child to our culture by remembering their final resting place.

Inspiration for the event came from a gravesite near our headquarter Chicago where 2,033 aborted babies were buried by Joseph Cardinal Bernadin after they were recovered from a medical lab dumpster by League National Director Joe Scheidler and a group of other activists.

Realizing what a tragedy it was that this gravesite and others like it so often went unvisited, the League established this day of mourning along with our partners at Priests for Life and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. Since 2013, the event has continued to grow and become a mainstay of the national pro-life calendar.

Visit AbortionMemorials.com for more information on the National Day of Remembrance and how you can take part or lead a service.

Before the next National Day of Remembrance, you can check the list of gravesites and memorial markers to find one near you and make a prayerful visit to the site. Consider bringing flowers to place on the grave in memory of our aborted brothers and sisters, and to draw the attention of others visiting the cemetery or other location to these often overlooked graves and memorials.

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