Hold a “baby shower” for a nearby pregnancy center

A great way to get people involved in the pro-life fight and help those in need is to host a “baby shower” to benefit your local pregnancy resource center. This may be a stand-alone event or it can be done in conjunction with another pro-life activity like a protest or a pro-life talk.

Finding a center to benefit

First, find a center near you. You may already know of or be involved with a center in your area. If not, you can use this search tool from our friends at CareNet, or simply do a Google search for “pregnancy care center”.

Once you’ve found the center, contact them to find out what their needs are. Common items needed include diapers, baby clothes, and formula, but be sure to ask so you’re not giving them items they already have too many of.

If you’re hosting the shower are part of another event, offer to have someone from the pregnancy resource center come and share about their work and receive the donations.

Spreading the word

Once you’ve planned your event and touched base with the center, it’s time to spread the word.

Use all the tools at your disposal including emails, phone calls, flyers, and social media. For more on this, see the actions Increase turnout by using good promotional tools and Promoting your pro-life event on Facebook.

In your promotions, be sure to mention the specific items the center is in need of.

Making it festive

Just as you would with a “normal” baby shower, make the event fun and festive. Set up a table to take the donations and be sure to highlight the name of the center so people will be aware of where their gifts are going. Decorate with streamers, balloons, and other decorations as you would for a baby shower if possible.

If the shower is part of another event, be ready to accept cash donations as well if folks were not prepared with a gift but would still like to contribute.

Take people’s donations and pile them up so people can see how much of an impact is being made. Thank people for their donations as they come in.

At the conclusion of the shower, simply bring the donations to the pregnancy care center and thank them for the work they’re doing to help mothers in difficult situations choose life for their babies.

Following up

After the shower, follow up with representatives of the center to see how else you might be able to work together on your shared mission of fighting abortion and providing hope and help to expectant mothers in the future.

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