Get involved at Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois

The Pro-Life Action League leads the pro-life witness at the Planned Parenthood mega-center in Aurora, Illinois, where one of our offices is based.

Thousands protest Planned Parenthood before they opened in 2007.

When word got out that Planned Parenthood was building the first of their mega-centers in Aurora, the League orchestrated a massive, months long campaign of prayer, protest, and political action.

Unfortunately, promised investigations were cut short by then-mayor Tom Weisner, and Planned Parenthood was allowed to open the facility in October of 2007, and since that time, the League has organized regular prayer, protest and sidewalk counseling efforts outside the facility.

If you would like to join the effort to oppose Planned Parenthood in Aurora and offer help to abortion-bound women, contact the League and we will help you find out how you can take action in the ways outlined below.

Spend an hour in prayer

Prayer presence is organized by local churches who take responsibility for recruiting people to pray in hour long shifts during Planned Parenthood’s operating hours. Talk to your church’s pro-life ministry director to see if your church has a day you can join in on, but if not, you are welcome to come pray outside Planned Parenthood at any time.

When you pray at Planned Parenthood Aurora, station yourself across the street from Planned Parenthood’s driveway entrance. Feel free to use whatever prayers you feel are appropriate, whether that’s praying the rosary, reading Psalms or other scriptures, or whatever you feel comfortable with. A copy of the League’s Life Witness Prayer Book can be a wonderful guide to prayer during your time at the abortion facility.

Be sure to pray for everyone involved in abortion, the mothers, the babies, other family or friends involved in the abortion decision, and the clinic workers and the abortionists themselves.

Your time will be well spent as this time in prayer and mourning is the only act of love the aborted children will ever receive this side of eternity, and your physical presence may be the sign that turns an abortion-bound mother away from having an abortion, even if you don’t speak a word to her.

40 Days for Life: For several years running, local volunteers have organized a 40 Days for Life vigil during the spring and fall 40 Days campaigns. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved praying at Planned Parenthood Aurora.

Train to become a sidewalk counselor

You can also train to become a sidewalk counselor to reach out to abortion-bound women to offer them love, information, and options.

If you’re interested in training, watch the video below on the League’s approach to compassionate outreach at the abortion facility:

And listen to this talk from veteran sidewalk counselor Karen Black on the psychology of women entering an abortion facility:

Once you’ve taken in this material, the next steps in training would include shadowing a current counselor, learning the specific challenges of the Aurora mega-center, and becoming familiar with the literature and resources we have to offer.

Contact the League and we’ll get you started.

Protest Planned Parenthood

The League also sponsors regular protest efforts outside Planned Parenthood Aurora. For information on these efforts, sign up for e-mail alerts at the bottom of this page to get the latest alerts on upcoming protests.

As long as Planned Parenthood remains a threat to the babies, women and young people of our community, this work of prayer, protest and outreach will go on. Join us and do your part for life!

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