Pro-Life Action League Praises Alaska Gov. for Extending Medicaid for New Moms

This past Friday, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy introduced a bill to extend Medicaid coverage to new mothers from 60 days to 360 days. In response, Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler offers the following statement:

Kudos to Gov. Mike Dunleavy for doing the right thing and proposing to dramatically expand Medicaid coverage for new mothers in Alaska. Dunleavy says he wants to make Alaska the ‘most pro-life state’ in the country, and he’s showing that this means much more than just legal limits on abortion. We also must reduce the social and economic pressures that push so many women to get abortions they do not want, as a large group of pro-life leaders has called for in a recent Joint Statement. I look forward to seeing more pro-life elected officials follow Gov. Dunleavy’s lead.

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