Judge grants preliminary injunction! Pregnancy centers safe … for now.

This afternoon, federal Judge Iain Johnston granted a preliminary injunction against SB 1909, the Illinois law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers and sidewalk counselors that J.B. Pritzker signed last week. 

Our legal team (pictured) in NIFLA et. al. v. Kwame Raoul, were able to convince the judge that we were likely to ultimately prevail in showing that this evil measure is unconstitutional.

The League’s Matt Yonke, was one of the witnesses in court! He showed how the law would muzzle sidewalk counselors with threats of massive fines for “disinformation.”

That means that Illinois pregnancy centers are safe — for now. 

It also means that legislatures in other pro-abortions states like California, New York, and Minnesota will think twice before trying to enact similar measures in their states.

So this isn’t just a victory for the pro-life community of Illinois: it’s a victory for the entire country, especially now that Illinois has become the Abortion Hub of Middle America.

But the fight isn’t over yet! 

We’ll be back in court soon arguing for a permanent injunction against this law. That will keep the doors of Illinois pregnancy centers open for years to come and stop other states from ever trying such a scheme again!

So please keep this legal battle — NIFLA et al. v. Kwame Rauol in your prayers!

And please also consider making a gift $19.09 to celebrate this victory and bolster our pro-life outreach at abortion facilities in Illinois and across the country.

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