Help stop this extreme Illinois abortion bill

A new bill in the Illinois Senate which could be voted on any day now, would make Illinois’s extreme abortion policy even worse!

The Pro-Life Action League is urging you to call your State Senator at their Springfield office and tell them to Vote NO on HB 4664! Get the Springfield office numbers right here.

If passed, HB 4664 would:

  • Allow non-physicians like midwives and physician’s assistants to perform abortions
  • Create a “temporary permit” for out of state abortionists to perform abortions in Illinois
  • Allow doctors who have lost their medical licenses in other states to perform abortions in Illinois
  • Empower the Attorney General to go after pro-life pregnancy centers and even sidewalk counselors for spreading “misinformation” with fines of up to $50,000!

Please call your State Senator today and tell them to Vote NO on SB 4664! Get the phone numbers for your State Senator’s Springfield offices right here.

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