An Interesting Conversation Outside an Abortion Clinic

One of the Pro-Life Action League’s longtime volunteers has been sidewalk counseling at an abortion clinic in a strip mall since it opened in 2019. Throughout this time, she has gotten to know some of the people in the strip mall and talks with them when she sees them, wishing them a good day, etc. — even the abortion clinic employees.

Recently she was talking with one of her “regulars” and the topic of the new FDA regulations for the abortion pill (also known variously as “medical abortion,” “chemical abortion,” Mifeprex, or RU-486) came up. The sidewalk counselor mentioned that these new rules would allow for unwilling fathers to obtain the pill and give it to their girlfriend covertly in order to prevent the responsibilities of fatherhood. The friend agreed and pointed out that it was very dangerous: With no physical exam or ultrasound, there would be no guarantee that the woman was within the gestational dates for the pill and that ectopic pregnancy could not be ruled out. Furthermore, the friend was very concerned and thought it was wrongheaded for the FDA to remove these restrictions from the abortion pill.

The sidewalk counselor explained that while she is against all contraceptives and all abortions, she was particularly worried about how women will consider abortion such a simple thing: that is, if an abortion pill can be obtained with no hassle, therefore it must be safe. Her friend agreed and said that she understood where the sidewalk counselor was coming from, although she said she also understood where the girls seeking abortion were coming from and that she wasn’t sure where she should stand on this.

This would not be too remarkable of a conversation except for one thing: the sidewalk counselor’s friend was the abortionist. Please pray for her.

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