Get your pro-life stocking stuffer!

In the wake of the oral arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson abortion case earlier this month, now is the time for pro-lifers like to really make our case to our fellow Americans.

But we can’t make the pro-life case if we don’t have the right information. 

That’s why we’ve written Sharing the Pro-Life Message, a pocket-sized 116 page handbook that has all the fact, figures and reasoned arguments you need to share the truth at this historic moment.

Right now, you can get a copy for just $5!

But Sharing the Pro-Life Message isn’t just for you. With its small size and small price tag, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the pro-life high school or college student in your life!

This handbook prepares every pro-lifer, young or old, to persuasively share the pro-life message with reason and grace.

Sharing the Pro-Life Message has sections on:

  • Abortion facts and figures
  • Fetal development milestones
  • The shocking facts about Planned Parenthood
  • Answers to all the most common pro-choice arguments
  • … and more!

A single copy is only $5, but the price drops with orders of 2 or more. Get yours today!

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