2020 Lenten Prayer Challenge UPDATE

The Pro-Life Action League’s Lenten Prayer Challenge began on February 26—Ash Wednesday—with a call to pray for three actresses who are part of the “Shout Your Abortion” campaign. They say abortion allowed them to have successful Hollywood careers.

On March 9, actress Busy Philipps was added to this year’s prayer challenge over the outrageous remarks she made at a speech outside the Supreme Court. Faithful pro-lifers are now being asked to pray for her, along with Michelle Williams, Alyssa Milano, and Jameela Jamil.

(You can see the original Lenten Prayer Challenge invitation video here, including clips of Williams, Milano, and Jamil.)

Yes, I will take the Pro-Life Prayer Challenge!

To join 2020 Pro-Life Lenten Prayer Challenge, fill out the form below. Pro-Life Action League League staff will remember you in our prayers in our St. Joseph Chapel, along with all your fellow pro-lifers joining this year’s challenge.

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