Norma McCorvey’s conversion was “100% Genuine,” says Joe Scheidler

Did Norma McCorvey—better known by her pseudonym “Jane Roe” in the Roe v. Wade abortion case—somehow fake her pro-life conversion? According to the Los Angeles Times, that’s the story that will be told in a new documentary about McCorvey debuting on FX this Friday.

My parents, Ann and Joe Scheidler, aren’t buying it. They knew “Miss Norma” well and are convinced her conversion was genuine. I sat down with them today over Zoom to talk about their friendship with Norma, and what they make of these new allegations.

Note: The featured image above behind the title of this blog post is from the League’s 1996 “Meet the Abortion Providers V” conference, including Ann Scheidler (left) and Norma McCorvey (right).

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