What you’re not hearing about the Supreme Court’s ruling in June v. Russo

Yesterday the pro-life movement was dealt a serious blow by the U.S. Supreme Court in their ruling in the June Medical Services v. Russo case.

The ruling struck down a Louisiana law that required abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and which might have forced all but one or two of the abortion clinics in the state to shut down.

So this is a real defeat. But how bad a defeat is it? Should we despair?

For my answer to those questions, watch my video commentary on the June v. Russo ruling above.

You’ll have to watch the video for my full response, but if you’re short on time, let me give you the big take-away:

We don’t have to wait for the right court ruling to save babies from abortion. We can do that today. And we have to.

So get out there and pray at a nearby abortion facility. Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center. Contribute to pro-life groups working to save lives today. Pray for an end to abortion, every day.

As my father Joe always says, for the baby saved from abortion through the work or a pro-life activist, Roe v. Wade has already been overturned!

So even when we suffer a defeat in the courts like this one, we can continue to score victories out on the front lines. So that’s where we need to be.

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