Notorious Chicago Abortionists’ Empire Is Crumbling

Ten years ago, the husband and wife abortionist team of Vinod and Vijay Goyal owned seven abortion clinics in the Chicago area. Now, however, what was once an “Abortion Empire” appears to be down to just two locations.

When I showed up last week outside the Goyals’ Michigan Avenue Center for Health abortion facility in Chicago with the intention of sidewalk counseling, I saw a huge “For sale” sign in the window, and the doors were locked. Now, of course, given the coronavirus pandemic, this closing could merely be temporary, but in any case, given the “For sale” sign, it appears as if it’s on its way out.

Additionally, it appears that the Goyal-owned Aanchor Health Center abortion facility in west suburban Glen Ellyn is closed for good. In early January, local sidewalk counselors saw no cars in the parking lot on scheduled abortion days, and phone calls to the facility revealed that it would be closed for the entire month. Ditto for February. And earlier this month, the sign outside the building was turned inside out. Thus it appears nearly certain that Aanchor is closed permanently.

To be sure, the Goyals have had their share of financial troubles over the years. But when one considers that two of their former employees stole nearly a million dollars a year from them for over twenty years and the Goyals didn’t even notice, one can guess that they must not be in dire financial straits.

They still operate two other abortion clinics in the Chicago area: the Access facility in west suburban Downers Grove and the Advantage facility in northwest suburban Wood Dale. Committed pro-life activists have been praying outside both of these abortion clinics for years, so God willing, it’s just a matter of time before they’re closed, too.


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