2019 “Face the Truth” Tour shows the real face of abortion across Chicagoland

The Pro-Life Action League just wrapped up our 2019 “Face the Truth” Tour where we expose the reality of abortion by displaying photos of the victims of abortion at major intersections across northwest Illinois for eight days in July.

Displaying these images often leads to some very interesting interactions with the public, and this year was no exception. League executive director Eric Scheidler captured some of the most interesting of these stories in a daily video posted to the Pro-Life Action League Facebook page. Check out the videos below to see what it’s like on this exciting pro-life tour!

July 12: Day One of the Face the Truth Tour!

July 13: One of our “Warning” signs was destroyed in Evanston, Illinois!

July 15: Special Announcement!

July 15: Live from downtown Chicago in the 2019 Face the Truth Tour!

July 16: Here’s Eric Scheidler’s “Halftime Report” on the 2019 Face the Truth Tour.

July 17: So why was Leana Wen REALLY fired from Planned Parenthood?

July 18: “Be not afraid!” Eric Scheidler’s comments from the front lines

July 19: The South Side connection! Why show America the victims of violence?

July 19: Eric Scheidler’s closing remarks on things lost and found!

July 20: Face the Truth Tour “drive thru”

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