Lawsuit: Patient Left Alone at Chicago Planned Parenthood Falls and Breaks Her Neck

Planned Parenthood styles itself America’s “leading provider of reproductive health care.” But a 26-year old woman named Morgan Castro would disagree.

On May 24, 2018, Castro had an IUD inserted at Planned Parenthood’s Near North center in Chicago (the same facility, incidentally, where Tonya Reaves had her uterus perforated during an abortion on July 20, 2012; later that day, Reaves died).

After her IUD was inserted, Castro complained to Planned Parenthood staff that she felt dizzy, after which she was left alone and unmonitored. She then claims that she lost consciousness and fell to the ground, hitting her head and ending up with a broken neck. You can listen to the 911 call made that day by Planned Parenthood below:

A recent search of Cook County records conducted by the Pro-Life Action League revealed that Castro brought a malpractice lawsuit [PDF] against Planned Parenthood earlier this year and is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages. She’s being represented by Chicago-based Corboy & Demetrio, one of the nation’s leading personal injury law firms.

Planned Parenthood abortionist Amy Whitaker, MD, Sarah Coria, and Carly LaMantia are also named in the lawsuit.

Watch this space for developments.

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