Audio Recording: 2018 Pro-Life Leadership Call

On Wednesday, January 31, local pro-life leaders from across the country joined the Pro-Life Action League for the 2018 Pro-Life Leadership Call with League executive director Eric Scheidler. Highlights of the call included:

  • An update from Washington from the Susan B. Anthony List’s Eric Schmitz on pro-life legislation, including the effort to defund Planned Parenthood
  • The calendar of regular nationwide pro-life events like the National Day of Remembrance and 3rd Annual #ProtestPP Rally
  • The announcement of two new initiatives for confronting Planned Parenthood
  • Plans for a nationwide Pro-Life Overpasses Project to take place on a weekend in June
  • A discussion with Jonathon Van Maren from the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform on the most effective way to dismantle public support for abortion
  • Some words of wisdom and encouragement from League founder Joe Scheidler

Get a downloable MP3 of the call audio here, or use the media player below to listen online:

Note: For more information on the “They Were Our Brothers and Sisters” campaign discussed on the call, visit this page.