Get Joe Scheidler’s New Memoir, “Racketeer for Life”

Racketeer for Life by Joe ScheidlerMy father’s new memoir, Racketeer for Life, has just been published in time for the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

When the Supreme Court stripped all unborn children of legal protection in Roe v. Wade, the impact on my father, Joe Scheidler, was profound. He considered it a kind of national suicide pact.

Within weeks of the ruling, my father left a lucrative career in advertising to become a full-time pro-life activist. Before long, he would be the subject of his own Supreme Court case, NOW v. Scheidler, when he was sued by the National Organization for Women under federal racketeering laws.

That court case — in which he was ultimately vindicated — becomes the touchpoint for a journey through four decades of dynamic pro-life activism.

Join my father as he meets such figures as President Ronald Reagan, Pope St. John Paul II, notorious late term abortionist George Tiller, and even Harry Blackmun himself, the author of Roe v. Wade.

Order your copy of Racketeer for Life here.

Racketeer for Life will give you a new appreciation for the pro-life movement — and a renewed sense of hope that you can really make a difference in the fight to end abortion.

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