Clinic Witness Training from Sidewalk Counselor Karen Black

Witnessing for life outside your local abortion clinic can be difficult work, but highly rewarding. But if you want to be an effective counselor to abortion-bound women, it’s important to know the psychology of the women coming in to the clinic and how to speak to them in a way that they can receive.

That’s just the kind of training you can get from the talk below entitled, “Equipping for Life” by sidewalk counselor Karen Black. Karen has years of experience on the sidewalk saving lives, and research to back up her tactics on the psychology of women seeking abortion.

The talk is about two hours in length, but well worth your time to hear if you are a sidewalk counselor or interested in becoming one. Simply click the play button below to listen. For further information and tools, check out the Pro-Life Action League’s page on sidewalk counseling.

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