2016 Face the Truth Tour concludes

Last week the Pro-Life Action League held our 17th annual “Face the Truth” Tour where we bring images of the victims of abortion into the public square at to busy intersections across our home state of Illinois.

Invariably, when controversial images like these are shown to the public, reactions run the gamut from agreement to outrage, and this year League Executive Director Eric Scheidler made a short video each day to share some of these reactions as well as other insights about the abortion issue.

Take a look through the videos below to get a taste of what it’s like on the front lines of pro-life activism and check below the videos for some of the fantastic news coverage we received on the Tour!

Day One: So why do we show abortion victim photos in public?


Day Two: Who’s with STUPID? Pro-choicers can be MEAN.


Day Three: Amazing story of a mom who chose LIFE!


Day Four: Time lapse video shows 1000’s reached in Chicago Loop.


Day Five: Do abortion victim photos harm children?


Day Six: What kind of person holds abortion victim photos on a busy street?


Day Seven: Why it’s so important to meet the public one-on-one.


Day Eight: A post-abortive Face the Truth volunteer shares her story.


Truth Tour Press Coverage

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