Abortionist Skirts Shuttered Clinic’s Legal Woes in NY Times Op-Ed

Abortionist Willie ParkerIf anyone in the abortion industry has rock star status right now, it’s Willie Parker.

Over the past few years, Parker has become quite the darling of the pro-choice movement, giving provocative interviews in magazines like Esquire about his “abortion ministry” [sic] and crisscrossing the country to speak at events and be showered with accolades from adoring fans. Indeed, earlier this year he received Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award, and the following month he was honored by NARAL.

Just yesterday, in the New York Times, he wrote an op-ed titled “Why I Provide Abortions.” And oh, did his fans love it:

In it he begins with this sentence:

In public health, you go where the crisis is.

It’s rather a shame that Dr. Parker doesn’t recognize that the interests of public health are not served by killing the public. Quite the contrary, in fact.

He goes on to say that for 12 years he had worked as an Ob/Gyn but did not perform abortions because he believed they were — in his words — “morally wrong.” At that time, of course, he was right.

Then Parker talks about how he was prompted to change his mind after listening to a sermon on the Good Samaritan by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thereupon, his Magisterium of One determined that (a) faith in Jesus Christ and (b) taking the lives of genetically distinct, whole human beings are perfectly compatible.

Parker has talked about the “Good Samaritan” influence before (in, for example, the aforementioned Esquire interview). But what’s particularly interesting in yesterday’s NYT op-ed is not what he says, but what he doesn’t say.

Deplorable Conditions Found by State in Parker’s Chicago Clinic

list of abortionists at albany medical-surgical center in chicago

Abortionists listed on Albany Medical-Surgical Center’s most recent renewal licensure

Yes, he expresses his empathy for women who lack “access to abortion” and his concern about what he considers the political motivations behind the closing of many abortion clinics. But interestingly, Parker neglects to disclose that the notorious Albany Medical-Surgical Center abortion facility in Chicago — where he worked, and which has been closed since October 17 — was assessed $50,000 in fines by the State of Illinois earlier this year.

He also fails to mention that an on-site inspection by the Illinois Department of Public Health conducted in January 2015 revealed twelve (12) ambulance transfers from Albany in the previous year alone, despite the fact that Albany had reported exactly zero ambulance transfers to the state every year since 2005.

And although Parker writes that “legal, properly administered abortion care” has an “enviable record” with a “99 percent safety rate,” he fails to mention that the Department of Public Health moved to revoke Albany’s license on March 10 — which is, ironically enough, “National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” — stating that “The Department has found conditions in the Facility that are threatening to the public interest, health, safety, or welfare.”

Presumably these details didn’t “fit the narrative” that Parker was going for.

We Can’t Rely on Big Media to Police the Abortion Industry

“All the news that’s fit to print” is, as we all know, is the New York Times‘ motto. And yet the paper hasn’t seen fit to print word one about the recent closing of the notorious Albany facility, despite its having employed the high-profile Willie Parker.

It’s instances like this that illustrate why we can’t rely on Big Media to comprehensively report on the abortion industry. We have to do it ourselves.

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