“Face the Truth” Tour Kicks Off July 10

ftt cover photo for fbThis Friday, July 10, the Pro-Life Action League kicks off our 16th annual “Face the Truth” Tour across northeastern Illinois.

Since 2000, the League has conducted a week-long tour covering a large swath of territory across the Chicagoland area. At each stop, League staff and volunteers line a busy intersection with pictures of abortion victims to show the public the truth about what is all too often characterized merely as a “choice.”

This year we will be visiting 24 sites in and around Chicago. Get the full Tour itinerary here, and RSVP on the Facebook event page.

Without question, showing the pictures of abortion victims in the public square has proven to be indispensable in the fight against abortion.

settledEven today, when nearly everyone has seen an ultrasound image of a child in the womb, many people still trot out the tired old term “clump of cells” to refer to a genetically distinct, whole human being in the womb. (Just the other day, in fact, someone tweeted those very words at us.)  And if you’ve never been part of a Face the Truth demonstration before, you’d be amazed how often we hear passersby say things like, “That’s what an abortion an aborted baby looks like?”

Babies Saved, Hearts Changed

Whenever we do a Face the Truth Tour, we have the opportunity to actually save babies’ lives, and to offer a message of hope and healing to women who have had an abortion–and to anyone else who has been involved with abortion.

Here’s just one example: Last year, a woman walked past our Face the Truth display in west suburban Cicero, and one of our signs caught her attention. It featured a painting of Jesus weeping over the tiny broken body of an aborted baby, which He held in His hands. Beneath this image were the words, “Jesus forgives and heals.”

Donate NowThe woman approached the volunteer holding the sign and said, “I had an abortion once. Do you think God could ever forgive me?” The woman had tears in her eyes, and looked to be at least sixty years old. For decades she had lived with the guilt of her abortion, before learning about God’s infinite mercy from that pro-life volunteer. This woman’s healing could finally begin.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this powerful pro-life event from July 10-18!

And even if you can’t join in yourself, please hold up the Tour in your prayers.

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