“We need someone very quickly,” Peoria Abortion Worker Tells 911 Operator

Today is “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day”, and to mark the occasion, the Pro-Life Action League is releasing yet another video of the aftermath of a botched abortion, this time from February 25 at National Health Care in Peoria, Illinois.

In this case, the abortion client was harmed so badly the abortionist, Yogendra Shah, “couldn’t get a grip” on the blood flow. The clinic employee reiterates several times that they need someone to come “very quickly.”

As we’ve seen in several cases before, the abortion worker on the phone seems more concerned with not giving out too much information than with making sure the emergency workers have all the information they need, much to the 911 operator’s frustration.

We haven’t been able to learn the client’s fate, so please keep her in your prayers for physical and spiritual healing. And share this video to spread the word that, in addition to being morally outrageous, abortion is dangerous for women.

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