Take Action against This Notorious Late-Term Abortion Clinic

Albany FPA abortion clinic in ChicagoOn Saturday, June 6, the Pro-Life Action League will conduct a protest outside Albany Medical-Surgical Center, a late-term abortion clinic on Chicago’s northwest side that does abortions up through 6 months of pregnancy.

The Albany facility, operated by Family Planning Associates Medical Group, has also been found by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to be guilty of numerous safety violations. Last year ambulances raced there a dozen times to deal with botched abortions—yet Albany failed to report one single ambulance transfer as required by law.

Over the years, Albany has long been known for not-safe-but-legal abortions, as witnessed chiefly by four (4) women who died following abortions performed there: Maria Rodriguez, Nakia Jorden, Maria Leho, and, most tragically of all, 13-year old Deanna Bell.

The building is a fire trap, and has so many problems that IDPH has fined Albany $50,000 and is now moving to revoke the facility’s license.

Four Ways You Can Take Action

There are four ways you can take part in the effort against this infamous late-term abortion clinic:

  1. Learn more about the Albany abortion clinic and the recent actions against it by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  2. Join the ongoing prayer and sidewalk counseling effort outside Albany. For more information, contact us at info@prolifeaction.org, or by phone at 773-777-2900.
  3. Call the Illinois Department of Public Health at 217-782-7412 and urge them to shut down Albany.
  4. Make a tax-deductible donation to the Pro-Life Action League in support of our efforts to expose this notorious abortion clinic.
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