Sidewalk Counselors Equip Young Father to Save His Baby from Abortion

Sidewalk counselors at Planned Parenthood AuroraLast Saturday, I received an e-mail from Mary Ann, a sidewalk counselor at Planned Parenthood Aurora.

She filled me in on the story of a young man who received the courage and exhortation he needed from Mary Ann and our other counselors to go into Planned Parenthood and stop his girlfriend from going through with the abortion.

Here’s the story in Mary Ann’s own words:

When I got [to Planned Parenthood] at 8:30 a.m., Mark, another sidewalk counselor, filled me in on a man who arrived after his girlfriend. The man didn’t want her to abort their baby.

By the time I got there he had been escorted out by Planned Parenthood staff after he had twice tried to go into Planned Parenthood and get his girlfriend out.

He stayed and waited, on his phone at times. Most of the time, we couldn’t see him because he was blocked by the cars in the parking lot. I assume he was sitting on the curb waiting.

At about 10:40 a.m. she came out. I know it was her because he rushed to her and they sat in her car and they talked. We all interceded for them. About 20 minutes later he got out of her car and turned toward us, smiled and gave us two thumbs up!

I rejoiced and clapped my hands over my head. Lord, You are good! Before he got in his car, he smiled and gave us two thumbs up again. His girlfriend left first in her car. I smiled and waved. He was right behind her in his car with his window down, took my info and said, “Keep praying!”

They headed toward Waterleaf, our local pregnancy resource center. They have all the info they need.

It’s great to hear stories of the courage sidewalk counselors can give to abortion-bound moms and dads, and equally great to hear stories of women pulled back from the brink even after they enter the abortion facility!

Keep this young couple—and our sidewalk counselors and prayer partners—in your prayers this week.

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