“Scam..Scam..Scam!!!” Yelp Reviews Shed Light on Closing of Mandy Gittler’s Chicago Abortion Clinic

allwomensclosedThe Pro-Life Action League’s Matt Yonke reported last week on the recent closing of abortionist Mandy Gittler’s All Women’s Health facility in Chicago.

Mandy Gittler, you may recall, was the abortionist responsible for the death of 24-year old Tonya Reaves at Planned Parenthood in Chicago in July 2012.

As Matt noted, the League conducted a “Face the Truth” Day outside All Women’s earlier this year. Our large photos of abortion victims rattled the facility’s staff to such an extent that one employee actually posted a sign on the door reading, “All protestors must be 50 ft away from our building.”

This was an obvious but feckless attempt to get us to comply with Chicago’s “bubble zone” law — which, in point of fact, we weren’t even breaking. (Needless to say, we were not deterred.) And they watched us like hawks from their second floor window nearly the whole time we were there.

While we’re not at all unaccustomed to run-ins with volunteer abortion clinic escorts outside those facilities that have them, abortion clinic employees themselves usually ignore us. That’s why the reaction of the All Women’s staff was out of the ordinary.

Clearly, the presence of pro-life activists outside their door made them uneasy, and the spectre of further demonstrations outside their facility may well have played a role in its closing.

But what other factors were at play?  Well, for one: some unhappy customers. Some very unhappy customers.

Scam Warnings in Yelp Reviews

Some scathing Yelp reviews of All Women’s Health posted in recent months help shed some light.

On October 9, one Kelly Y. told of having paid her bill and then receiving two bills after that, both of which were marked “seriously overdue.” In an attempt to resolve the dispute, she called All Women’s billing office, which she described as “one of the most frustrating phone calls I have ever been on.”

Earlier, on July 16, “Julie S.” posted a review beginning with the words, “Scam..Scam ..Scam!!! Warning!!” She tells of being charged $120 for a pap smear, an STD screening, and a blood test. She did, and then, she said, “I was good to go.”

But two weeks later, All Women’s Health sent her a bill for an additional $695, bringing her total charges to over $800!  When she called to complain, she reported that an All Women’s employee told her, “We explain this to all the patients, you have to pay the lab fee.” But, she said, “Nobody explained anything to me before or after I visit.”

Not to be outdone, another Yelp reviewer, Brooke B. posted a review earlier this year in which she said:

I WILL NEVER STEP A FOOT IN THIS HORRIBLE CLINIC AGAIN. THEY ARE A SCAM, FRAUDULENT. Trying to fatten their bank accounts while making you more sick so you come back to give them more money.


These reviews speak for themselves, and they go a long way toward explaining why All Women’s Health is now closed. As Priests for Life’s Father Frank Pavone has often noted, “You can’t practice vice virtuously.”

It’s also worth noting that All Women’s Health was a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF), which holds itself up as the gold standard of “high-quality abortion care.” (And, in fact, as of this writing, NAF still lists All Women’s Health as a member — see screenshot here.)

Think about that for a moment. If All Women’s Health could contribute so mightily to their own self-destruction by so outrageously scamming their (female) customers and still maintain the National Abortion Federation seal of approval, ask yourself:

Who’s really the perpetrator in the “War on Women”?


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