League Exposes Planned Parenthood at Chicago’s Navy Pier

Protest of Planned Parenthood GalaLast night, Wednesday, April 23, Planned Parenthood of Illinois held their annual “Generations Gala” fundraiser at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and the Pro-Life Action League was there to expose the grisly reality of the abortion giant’s business.

A crowd of 20 pro-life activists braved chilling winds outside Navy Pier holding signs depicting abortion’s victims along the streets leading to the event where Planned Parenthood’s guests would have to pass by.

Others held signs reading “Navy Pier Tonight: Planned Parenthood Abortion Party” to alert those visiting the pier to Planned Parenthood’s celebration.

Among the sponsors of the event was Chicago billionaire Susan Pritzker. The Pritzker family is one of the wealthiest families in the nation, most famous for their ownership of the Hyatt hotel chain.

The League called out the Pritzkers for funding Planned Parenthood, whose only solution to poverty is to kill off the unborn poor, and called upon them to fund organizations that provide true help to families in need.

Pregnant Mother Extols Abortion Victim Photos

About midway through the protest a young woman approached one of our longtime volunteers, Luann Bloom, and told her she had just found out three days before that she is pregnant.

With her tears in her eyes, she told Luann that she would never consider abortion herself, and that seeing pictures of actual babies who have been aborted strengthened her conviction, adding, “I wish more girls saw these signs.”

Extraordinary Encounter with a “Proud Teen Mom”

Lilliana and her sign

Lilliana and her sign [Photo by John Jansen]

Then, as we were about to wrap up, we had the great fortune of encountering a young woman named Lilliana, who came out support of our protest with her own sign that read, “Proud Teen Mom 4 Life,” and “Young girls deserve better than Planned Murderhood.”

Lilliana told us that when she found out she was pregnant nearly two years ago, she called Planned Parenthood looking for help—and they told her an abortion would cost $300.  But ultimately, she chose life for her son instead!

Her experience of becoming a mother has really turned her life around.  She has since become a strong Christian, and can’t imagine life without her one year old son and shudders to think what would have think what would have happened if she had gone through with an abortion.  Lilliana is engaged to be married this summer.

Encountering her was an extraordinary way to conclude our protest. Sure, Planned Parenthood’s rich and famous donors believe they’re offering real “help” to women and girls.  But the personal stories of young women like Lilliana prove that they really do deserve better than the abortion that Planned Parenthood has to offer.

Thanks to all who came out to make last night’s protest a success! Keep an eye on the League’s blog for more details on upcoming protests like this so that no abortion party goes un-protested.

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