League Joins National Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts Trefoil cookie with Planned Parenthood logoThe Pro-Life Action League is joining a nationwide boycott being organized by John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco, in Waco, Texas, who has been battling the Girl Scouts for years over their ties to abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

This year’s nationwide boycott was triggered by the Girl Scouts’ glowing praise last year for two of the pro-life movement’s greatest foes: Texas state senator Wendy Davis and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The Girl Scouts called Davis as an “incredible” woman who deserved to be on a list of 2013 “Women of the Year,” only a few weeks after calling Kathleen Sebelius a woman of “courage” and “character.”

Davis rose to national fame for filibustering a Texas law banning late term abortions and requiring abortion facilities to adhere to safety standards, while wearing a pair of pink sneakers. Sebelius is responsible for implementing the pro-abortion provisions of Obamacare, including the infamous HHS Mandate that forces employers to provide free abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans, regardless of any religious or moral objections.

Girl Scouts’ Ties to Planned Parenthood

As detailed at the official CookieCott 2014 website, both the national Girl Scouts USA and many local Girl Scout councils have supported and promoted the work of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, even encouraging girls to volunteer with Planned Parenthood.

They have also praised the work of groups like the National Organization for Women, which the Pro-Life Action League battled in an infamous epic lawsuit and Girls, Inc., whose ties to the American Girl doll company prompted a successful boycott led by the Pro-Life Action League in 2005.

League Flyer Helps YOU Join the CookieCott

As both a pro-life activist and the father of six girls, I haven’t bought Girl Scout cookies for years—despite my great love for Thin Mints. This year, I had planned to produce a flyer to pass out to the parents of Girl Scouts who come knocking on the door selling cookies. CookieCott 2014 offers an ideal opportunity to offer this resource.

CookieCott FlyerThe flyer boldly states, “Our family will not be buying Girl Scout Cookies this year” and then explains:

In recent years, the Girl Scouts USA and many local Girl Scouts councils have been supporting and promoting pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain.

This pro-life family doesn’t want to have anything to do with such groups or those, like the Girl Scouts, who support them.

Several key links between the Girl Scouts and abortion advocates are listed, along with a website for more information.

Print out several copies of the flyer and carry them with you to hand out to parents or other adults accompanying Girl Scouts selling cookies door-to-door or at the mall or grocery store.

CookieCott Already Having an Impact

Only the day before the official announcement of the CookieCott, Girl Scouts USA released an official statement apologizing to anyone who was offended by their social media messaging last year. However, they did not specifically apologize for praising Davis or Sebelius, nor did they promise to sever all ties with Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups.

Coming six weeks after the messages in praise of Davis and Sebelius, it’s clear that this half-hearted apology is in direct response to the boycott. And now that the boycott is officially underway and spreading like wildfire, it is hoped the Girl Scouts will finally take seriously the concerns of parents like me and completely renounce any involvement with the abortion industry and its advocates.


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