Bishop Daniel Conlon on LOVE as the Basis for Pro-Life Ministry

Last October, the Pro-Life Action League marked the 6th anniversary of the day Planned Parenthood opened their massive “Abortion Fortress” in Aurora, Illinois with a prayer vigil. We were honored to have the Most Reverend Daniel Conlon, Bishop of Joliet as one of our speakers.

Bishop Conlon gave one of the best pro-life speeches I heard all year that day, emphasizing that love must be the basis of our pro-life ministry, that it must undergird everything we do as pro-life people.

Watch Bishop Conlon’s speech above, and let it inspire you to order your pro-life work this year with love as the organizing principle. As he said, our love and God’s love are what motivates us to care about mothers and babies and what makes it possible to save them from the pain of abortion!

Special thanks to the Live Pro-Life group for capturing the footage!

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