Pro-Life Activist Testifies Before Congress: IRS Told Us We Can’t Protest Planned Parenthood!

The scandal of the IRS persecuting conservative and pro-life groups continues to unfold, and today Congress heard from activist Sue Martinek of the Coalition for Life of Iowa.

The League was privileged to work with Sue and Coalition for Life on an epic protest of Planned Parenthood and their CEO Cecile Richards at a gala fundraiser in Cedar Rapids Iowa back in 2010.

Check out the video above where Sue chronicles how the IRS unlawfully inquired into the content of the group’s prayers and said they wouldn’t approve their application for tax-exempt status unless they signed an affidavit swearing not to protest Planned Parenthood!

Our attorneys at the Thomas More Society were able to secure tax-exempt status for Coalition for Life of Iowa, but now that the IRS’s inappropriate actions have come to light before Congress, we may finally see the IRS called to account. Until then, continue to spread the word about this scandal far and wide!

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