“Disciples in the New Evangelization”

Joe Scheidler speaks to students at the St. John's Summer Conference

On Saturday, June 8, I addressed 150 college students gathered from all across the country at St. John’s Summer Conference in the beautiful rolling hills and woods of Princeville, Illinois.

After a meal in a large white tent, we all gathered in a barn festooned with banners with a large rustic sanctuary and altar where I spoke on “Disciples in the New Evangelization.”

Following my talk, many of the students asked about how to respond to many of the familiar questions that pro-lifers have been asked over the years, and I was prepared by handing out copies of the League’s now famous booklet, Sharing the Pro-Life Message.

The conference is sponsored each year by the Community of St John in conjunction with the Aposotolic Sisters of Saint John. In the past, two of my grand-nieces attended these conferences, and one of them has joined the convent and is now in France.

Ann and I were invited to stay for vespers, which were being sung in he huge barn as we left. On the following day the Bishop of Peoria, Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, offered Mass for the students at the conclusion of the conference.

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